Blog: Help more women into coaching – it’s time to nudge!

To all you coaches out there, would you like new coaching assistant? Great! Read on to learn more…

Out of the 3.6million (approximately) coaches out there, only about 30% of them are women. UK Coaching, through Reach, is working to support more women in coaching. We share women’s coaching stories, provide top tips for coaching, and also supply many useful guides and resource for our partners to reach more women within their own sport or physical activity.

However, word of mouth is a very powerful thing. Women trust the opinion of other women, especially their friends or colleagues. As a coach of women, you are within their trusted circle. Many women coaches I have spoken to have talked about getting involved in coaching for the first time by getting a ‘nudge’ from their coach at their club. It may have happened as simply as a favour: “Hey, Sarah, could you give me a quick hand setting up today?” or, “Sarah, you get on well with everyone in the group, could you help me support them along the run today?” Sometimes that’s all it takes to get people hooked.

Do you fancy giving it a go? The UK needs more coaches if it is to get more people active and keep them moving. We are becoming an increasingly sedentary nation with obesity a major issue. Help your new assistant coaches to understand that it’s not about knowing all the technical and tactical aspects of the game, or have an in-depth understanding of human physiology. It’s is about motivating people and inspiring them to stay active.

Have a look at our new video: Reach – Supporting Women in Coaching, which is all about inspiring women to give coaching a try. If you’re a coach reading this, show the video to your women participants. If it inspires them, talk to them about your role and ask them whether they’d like to get involved. What do you have to lose? An extra pair of hands is always helpful!

Be that role model. Get nudging!

Sarah Milner, Development Lead Officer: Inclusion, UK Coaching

Follow: @smilner_leeds

Reach is a national brand run by UK Coaching and is supported by many sports organisations around the UK. The brand focuses on supporting more women into coaching.

Remember you can share your women in coaching case studies or stories with Reach. Send an email to with your story (and a photo) and we’ll endeavour to publish and share them.

If you’re a female coach and getting involved with Women’s Sport Week, get in touch with use via Twitter. Share your pictures, videos and words by tweeting @reachcoaches using the hashtag #WSW2017 and #ReachCoaches.

And don’t forget to watch and share our Reach – Supporting Women in Coaching video; promoting women in coaching and all the work that they do.