is a national campaign run by sports coach UK and supported by many sports organisations around the UK. This campaign is focusing on inspiring more women to get into coaching. We also want to make sure that once you are coaching, you are fully supported by the people you coach for, so you stay coaching and stay motivated.

Within our local communities there are women who are natural influencers – we all know the kind of person – they are the ones who will phone up to invite us out, or send a group text around to see if anyone wants tickets for the upcoming Take That tour. I know you have someone in mind right now. That someone might even be you!

Coaching is about helping people of all ages and abilities to get active, stay active and get better while being active. To do this you need a great set of interpersonal skills to which will bring out the best in everyone taking part in your session. Of course, you want to learn more about how to coach and how you can develop yourself. Reach can help with that. Have a look at the information below and learn how you can get started, who you need to contact, and what you need to know. Also you can hear from women all around the UK who have done just that.

Navigate down the page to find a host of information that will help you either get started in the coaching family or continue along the path within our community. It’s great to have you onboard!

The Reach team.

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Make 2016 the year you get involved in Coaching

Are your health and fitness goals a constant challenge? Why not get involved in coaching and hit two birds with one stone! Find out how…

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What is coaching?

Coaches help people of different ages and abilities to develop and improve within sport and activity. To learn more about coaching read on……

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Is coaching for me?

Sports organisations around the UK are working very hard to get more women into sport and coaching. Women and girls need role models to show them that they can be more active – this is where you come in!

Where do I start?

So you want to try coaching? That’s great. What do you need to do next?

More Women Better Coaching
So many women already coach others in their daily lives - in work, at home or with friends and they simply don't realise what a small step it would be to become a sports coach.

Coaching not only brings benefits to athletes and players but it also brings great satisfaction to coaches, who realise their own potential by helping others realise theirs.


Have a look through stories from female coaches . . .

Reach: Supporting Women in Coaching

Reach: Supporting Women in Coaching

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Aileen Webster

I am 46 year old sports coach/fitness trainer/personal trainer. I have always loved sport and exercise, competing nationally and regionally in gymnast…

Sarah Jauncey

I have coached for over 20 years, mainly in swimming and water sports, which is my personal background. I was a competitive swimmer myself from the ag…

Lizzie Hodgskinson

Lizzie is a second year sports psychology student at Leeds Trinity University and has been actively coaching in the local community for five years. Li…

Penny Rother

Triathlon coach Penny Rother is a passionate advocate of coaching and a champion of women’s sport and fitness. Her own story serves as a glowing examp…

Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett is a PGA Head Teaching Professional at Three Rivers Golf and Country Club, near Purleigh in Essex. She has suffered hardships that would…

Danielle Parker & Rebecca Brown

“All female sessions are not new to hockey however female sessions are more social and more relaxed especially the Back to Hockey sessions which cater…

#funfactFriday ALERT!!

Don’t forget that every Friday we upload an incomplete infographic to our Facebook that contains a coaching fact but is missing a figure! All you need to do is take a guess in the comments box below the image as to what you think the value is and share it with other organisations and coaches! The complete infographic is uploaded to the Facebook page on Monday so that you can see how close you were! Get involved HERE!!

Luton Ladies Sport Coaching Project Selected as Finalist in National Women Sport Trust Awards!

Bedfordshire’s team BEDS&LUTON Me Time Leaders Coaching project was selected as a finalist at Th…

Reach funded pilot projects bring success to hundreds

Over the last six months, seven pilot projects supported by sports coach UK’s Reach campaign have be…

Project 500 talks to Fara Gorsi, Crickets First Female Professional Agent
Date: 29/06/2016
Time: 20:00
Venue: Twitter!
Region: South East
Reach – women and girls coaching conference
Date: 21/09/2016
Time: 17:00
Venue: East Durham College
Region: North East