Kirsten Civil
Kirsten Civil

Kirsten Civil, Mountain Bike, Hockey and General Fitness Coach, North Yorkshire

Kirsten coaches people of all ages, from 0-80 plus. As she has always been happiest when being active, particularly outside, Kirsten started coaching at school and has now been coaching for 30 years.

“I wanted to pass on this enjoyment, the success I had and felt, to others and to get other people, especially girls, to be active,” said Kirsten.

“I started running my own indoor hockey club at school. I got my sport studies degree whilst coaching hockey and earned a level three hockey coaching certificate. After that I worked full time as a coach and tutored level one and two hockey for teachers. I had a break in 1997 to make time for my family but returned to coaching in 2006.

“The highlights of my career are during my time as a tutor, working at regional hockey development centres and then at age 45, becoming an advanced mountain bike leader.

“I’ve had the pleasure to meet and become friends with a very wide range of people. I work as a coach, instructor, leader and teacher through my coaching experience and qualifications.

“I will always coach. I love seeing people, especially children, enjoy getting active. I love seeing them all achieve their goals, however big or small.”

Kirsten would recommend coaching to everyone, if you’re looking to get into coaching she says: “find out more about the sport or activity you want to coach. Volunteer and opportunities will come your way. Club, school and college settings will often support you by paying for your qualification and give you experience if you give them coaching time back. Don’t underestimate your abilities.”

Tracey, who regularly attends Kirsten’s sessions, said “I have been coached by Kirsten in running, cycling and general fitness and I always find her knowledgeable and professional. She delivers her coaching in a style which suits all levels of ability and leaves you feeling enthused and excited about taking part.

“Kirsten is never put off by the lack of opportunities in the Dale, she actively goes out and creates those opportunities. In the past she has initiated tennis, netball and rounders clubs just to name a few. She’s always looking for ways to get people active and try something new. We’re lucky to have her,” said Tracey.

This coach story comes courtesy of North Yorkshire Sport