Claire Waldron
Claire Waldron

Claire Waldron: Volunteer Level 1 Assistant at Batley Baths

  • No. of hours Delivered per week: 2
  • No. of weeks delivered for: 12
  • No. of participants per session: 30
  • Have you gained paid work or additional qualifications, please specify: No

I have a passion for all sports and swimming is no exception. I applied for the Swimming Activator project because I enjoy coaching (I’m also a level 1 football coach) and I was interested to combine the course with
volunteering. The main draw for me is that swimming is a life skill and so you really feel like you are helping people achieve something. I had very positive experiences of swimming lessons as a child and I wanted to help others have that same experience.

I currently assist with Wednesday afternoon swimming lessons at Batley Baths. I am in the water which really helps with water confidence, especially when children are swimming for the first time. It also means I am really involved with the lessons which I think has helped me learn faster than if I was on the side with the swimming teacher. The teachers at Batley Baths have been really supportive and have definitely increased my knowledge and confidence.

At some point in the future I would like to develop my skills and complete my Level 2 in order to continue being involved with swimming.

Case study provided by South Yorkshire Sport.