Claire Feast

Claire Feast: Table Tennis Coach

  • No. of hours Delivered per week: 2 Hours
  • No. of weeks delivered for: From the 12th of May
  • No. of participants per session:  Average 8
  • Have you gained paid work or additional qualifications, please specify: No

The UKCC level 1 coaching course gave me the confidence to start up my own club.

I feel that adult coaching is often neglected in clubs and I noticed a high drop off rate from adults who tried the sport but because of the wide gap in ability did not continue with table tennis.

I wanted to set up a friendlier environment for adults to learn, where all abilities are supported. I also wanted to set up a club which was free for people to attend.

Since completing the coaching course I purchased two tables and arranged use of a local church hall. I advertised in the church bulletin and I now have more than enough players for the number of tables. I hope to increase the number of tables in the near future.

Case study provided by West Yorkshire Sport