Babs Agnew

Babs Agnew: Support Worker

In August 2014, North Yorkshire Sport delivered an Inclusive Community Training workshop to 18 individuals from a variety of community organisations and service providers.

One of the individuals who attended the training was Babs, a support worker:

“Through my work I support a lot of young disabled people and do basic sports activities with them, often individually. I decided to attend the Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training workshop as I wanted to better understand how I could deliver games to a group of individuals that would be suitable for everyone.

The workshop taught me about the Inclusion Spectrum and STEP, two tools which I can use to adapt the activities I deliver. For me personally, one of the key things I took from the training was an understanding of what an ‘open’ activity was and ideas of open games which meant I could fully include all individuals in one activity.

“Before I attended the workshop our sessions often involved individuals doing their own thing. But now, we deliver team games and open activities that suit everyone, such as ‘cones and domes’. This training has made me more confident in delivering group activities and has opened my eyes to how easy it is to adapt activities to include everyone. I really enjoyed the training and feel it has had a positive impact on the young disabled people I support as they are now a lot happier and more engaged in the activities.”

Case study provided by North Yorkshire Sport

For more information about the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive Community Training Programme, please contact / 01509 227751.