Make 2016 the year you get involved in Coaching

In this day and age health and fitness is always on the brain. We could all with either being a little more active, losing a few pounds or just generally being more involved in sport; often for the first time in quite a while. Our intentions are of course admirable, but the real question is will you be able to garner this enthusiasm into action?

How about getting more involved and leading some activity for your friends, or getting involved in helping out your coach at your own club?

Coaching can offer you an exciting opportunity. It will allow you to meet new people, get more exercise and undoubtedly have a lot of fun but as you give back to your community or club, you will also be committing your time to other people – you will need to show up when you say you will, and that sense of responsibility could be the difference between getting fit or not! You will be doing something you love, learning loads of new skills and building on the skills and knowledge you already have. As a coach you will be leading a group of individuals who look to you for support and want you and therefore them to succeed.

You don’t need to have be a sports superstar! Often the best coaches are far from that, but they have a passion for their sport, or for being physically active, and they have the drive to see people reach their own personal goals.

If you have read this far you may be just what Reach is looking for!

So have a think about which sport or even sports you may wish to coach and look at how you can get involved. Start at the beginning:

To get more advice either speak to the coaches at your club, or just motivate some of your friends to get active and take them for a walk (or maybe a run?!) around the park. Use your organisational skills to the fullest.

There is a team of people in your county who can help you further. Your local County Sports Partnership know all about sport and activity in your local area and also how to support you to become a coach or help to get more people active. You can find contact details of your county sports partnership by clicking here.

Another great option is to look at the Join In site. This website advertises loads of local volunteering opportunities. Take a look and see where you can help out.
Join other inspiring women out there and Reach into coaching.

© Image courtesy of the English Institute of Sport, copyright Andy Weekes