Is coaching for me?

Sports organisations around the UK are working very hard to get more women into sport and coaching. Women and girls need role models to show them that they can be more active – this is where you come in!

Coaching does not have to be all about spending your evenings and weekends at the local football club. Have you thought about running an activity or sports session in:

Ask yourself: “Why do I want to coach?”

Do I need to do some training to be a coach?

Governing bodies of sport run coaching qualifications to ensure that all their coaches provide a high quality experience for the people you are coaching. However when you are just starting out, it is recommended that you gain some introductory knowledge in key areas:

When you first start coaching, you should never be required to:

Will I get paid?

Most coaching roles are voluntary, which means you won’t get paid for them, but you may be able to claim expenses back. Check with the club or team that is helping you get involved in coaching.

If you do want to attend some training or, along the line, take a coaching qualification, you may be able to apply for a bursary to cover the cost of the training course. Again, check with your sport’s governing body, the county sports partnership from where you live, or the organisation that you coach for.

How does this sound? Fancy giving it a go? Have a look at the next page to see where you start.