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London Sports Trust

Female Coaches in London Sports Trust

“We are constantly looking for platforms and opportunities to bring in more female coaches…”

London Sports Trust (LST) is a sports and education development charity based in West-London. They work with over 500 young Londoners a week, mainly aiming to help develop communities and individuals in disadvantaged areas.

The aim is to engage and recruit young people in the local area and offer volunteering opportunities. Through this programme LST are able to up skill the volunteering coaches and offer them an array of sports and leadership courses.

Launched in 1999, their model is increasingly proving that engaging with young people in this way will increase communal trust, sports participation and decrease social barriers for various demographics, including women. LST values the importance of having female coaches and community leaders and role models for the participants. We are constantly looking for platforms and opportunities to bring in more female coaches, as we know that in turn it will increase higher female participation in sport.

LST coordinates various female-exclusive sessions across the tri-borough (London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster) for females of all ages. Nadia Sibany has been working with LST for the past two years, delivering boxing sessions to young females in disadvantaged areas in West London, and now boxfit classes targeted at women within the local Fulham area.

Thank you to London Sports Trust for to provide us with this case study.