Lizzie Hodgskinson

Lizzie Hodgskinson: Football Coach, Leeds Trinity University

“As a quiet and shy girl, coaching has primarily allowed my to build on my confidence and many other skill such as communication and planning.”

Lizzie is a second year sports psychology student at Leeds Trinity University and has been actively coaching in the local community for five years. Lizzie’s main sport and passion is football and this is shown through her continued work at her local girl’s football club.

Here Lizzie has been running and managing the u’8s, u’10s and u’12s girls’ team. Her dedication to coaching and developing young footballers has been exceptional and this has carried over perfectly to her time at university. Leeds Trinity are now reaping the benefits of Lizzie’s dedication and knowledge as part of their This Girl Can programme.

Leeds Trinity’s programme has seen a large increase in female sports participation across their campus, through a variety of female only sports, gym sessions and other recreational activities, which their female population has loved every minute of.

Kristian Hargreaves, Sports Development Coordinator (Coaching and Volunteering) at Leeds Trinity university commented;

“Lizzie runs the female only football sessions at the university which offers a “turn up and play” opportunity. The session is a vital part of our female programme and Lizzie is an excellent coach to have on the session. Through the This Girl Can programme Lizzie now has the opportunity to develop her skills further. “As an openly “shy girl” the opportunity to coach and lead sessions, to not only young girls but her peers now at university has helped her develop and learn whilst also becoming a well-known and popular member of the student community. Lizzie has, and will continue to grow throughout her time at university, with her continued coaching and hard work we look forward Lizzie’s contribution across a wider variety of sports. Watch this space!”

Lizzie commented;

“Getting involved with various coaching programmes has provided me with treasured knowledge and numerous opportunities, not only within coaching, but also a few associated areas too (e.g. refereeing, sport development and sport psychology). This has been vital in giving me an indication of what career path I wish to take. The team are immensely supportive (on and off the pitch) and you get a great sense of belonging which can be extremely beneficial at university. I have similarly really valued coaching at the university as it have supplied me with priceless experience and opportunities to foster certain skills.”

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