BLOG: Reach your potential in 2016 – coach!

We have been here before, in fact it was at this time last year we were embarking upon the same process. A new year brings with it the chance to try something that you have never considered or to further improve upon a passion that has already become a part of you.

Resolutions are a regular bi-product of the festive season, and a great opportunity to push ourselves towards health and fitness goals that inevitably drifted further to the back of our minds as 2015 came to a close and certainly got put on the back burner over the Christmas break. Resolutions are your opportunity re-engage in something challenging and rewarding.

The well-meaning and intent with which we set our resolutions each year is admirable. However, this year when you set your health and fitness goals, make 2016 the year that you attempt something truly meaningful. Make your resolution to coach!

Unfortunately both the formality and stereotypes associated with the world of coaching immediately puts lots of women off of the idea. This is exactly why Reach was created! The national campaign, run by sports coach UK and supported by several sports organisations, is focused on inspiring more women to get into coaching and then continue to provide appropriate support to both new and current women coaches to keep you motivated and involved.

We have to simplify things and remove the element of fear and self-doubt that sets in when we think about trying something new or pushing ourselves to a new level. Within our local communities there are women who are natural influencers – we all know that person – they are the ones who will organise an outing, send a group message about getting together and propose possible plans. You must someone in mind right now, I bet that someone might even be you!

Coaching is very simply about helping people of all ages and abilities to get active, stay active and improve whilst being active. The absolute minimum you need are interpersonal skills, as these will bring out the best in everyone taking part in your session. If you already coach then it is human nature to want to improve and learn more about the hobby. Reach can help you with that too.

Sound interesting? …of course it does! This is 2016 (Ohemggg!!) and the 2k16 version of you has an unlimited capacity for growth. Head straight to the Reach website to find a wealth of information that will help you either join the coaching family (welcome!) or continue to develop your coaching journey. You will find all the information you need to get you started, all the contacts you can throw a yule log at and stories about women just like you, who are kicking butt all over the UK and making a difference in their community!

BOLD STATEMENT ALERT… Coaching will bring you closer towards enlightenment… or at the very least your most meaningful resolution yet!

Get involved! All the information that you need is on our website.