Molly Grayson

Molly Grayson: Swimming Activator


I am Moly, I am 17-years-old and I am currently studying at John Leggot College with the hopes of going to University. I first qualified and was successfully recruited as a swimming teacher in March 2014. As I have a background of competitive swimming I simply could not think of anything more perfect than being given the opportunity to attend the swimming activator course. It was an opportunity I could not refuse.

I was lucky enough to get a place on the programme as a swimming activator attending the course which took place over five weekends with several assessments during this time.

After being successful on the course and becoming qaulified to assist teaching I was then recruited to work at Rossington Leisure Centre on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This course the knowledge and experience I felt was necessary in order for me to feel comfortable to take responsibility for all the swimming lessons I was given once recruited as a teacher. I am now developing my skills and knowledge further by being given an opportunity to take part in a level 2 swimming teachers course.

I love teaching my swimming lessons on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s. The range of participants is great no matter what stage they are they all enjoy every lesson and love to come swimming.

The fact that there are more swimming teachers becoming qualified has a fantastic impact on swimming as a whole. There are more people eager to get involved in swimming and also the more teachers that qualify the greater influence others have for new ideas and more creativity and knowledge.

Case study provided by South Yorkshire Sport.