Emily Wardman

Emily Wardman: Gymnastics Coach/Assistant at Leeds Gymnastics Club

  • No. of hours delivered per week: 6 hours pre-school and 2 hours youth.
  • No. of weeks delivered for: 8 weeks.
  • No. of participants: 20 in both classes.
  • Have you gained paid work or additional qualifications: ¬†Yes, now an employee at Leeds Gymnastics Club working as a recreational and pre-school coach.

I decided to become a gymnastics coach because of my successes in my own career as a gymnast in acrobatic gymnastics. Through that, I felt that my experience along with professional training would help me become the best coach I could be.

Through the help of my mum as a mentor, I first started of learning how to be a -school coach by taking part in the level one pre-school course. I felt like I needed to start at the youngest of ages in order to make the best gymnasts I could and show them the passion I have for gymnastics.

Once I had completed this and became a regular volunteer for Leeds Gymnastics Club, I decided to further my coaching career by taking part in the level one general gymnastics course. Through this, I learnt what it was like to train gymnasts at an older age. With the help of my mentor, I learnt the basic skills of a general coach and also learnt how to engage gymnasts into what they were doing.

My mentors support allowed me to identify weaknesses and improve upon them in order to gain the level one general gymnastics qualification. Since then, I have regularly been coaching pre-school gymnastics and am starting to coach more recreational gymnastics through holiday camps this summer.

I now feel ready to more on to a higher level course and will continue to gain confidence in my own coaching.

Case study provided by West Yorkshire Sport