Donna Minnis

Donna Minnis: Senior Care and Support Worker

Donna attended an Inclusive Community Training workshop organised by County Durham Sport in September 2014. Donna explains about the impact the training has had on her:

“I have supported people with a variety of disabilities for almost 20 years. I support individuals to participate in physical activities arranged by others but have never delivered any activities myself; mainly because I did not have a positive experience of sport at school and so do not consider it to be one of my strengths.

I decided to attend the Inclusive Community Training so I could offer more support to my staff that facilitate physical activities.

Through the training I was able to overcome my childhood fears around sport, explore different types of inclusive activity and discover various pieces of equipment which could be used to ensure everyone was included.

During the workshop we were able to experience some non-competitive activities. I particularly enjoyed this because it enabled me to be involved in a sports-based activity with no winners or losers, which is what discouraged me from sport at school as I was always on the losing team.

At work we are planning a large sports event in 2015. I will be able to use what I learnt from the training to guide staff to organise the day and I am already planning how I can utilise some of the activities from the workshop to ensure a person’s disability is not a barrier to them being involved.

Overall, the training has given me the knowledge, skills and confidence to assist staff and clients in reaching their full potential. I now feel that there is no activity that I or the people I support cannot be part of because I know there is always a creative way to ensure everyone who wants to be, is involved.”

Case study provided by County Durham Sport

For more information about the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive Community Training Programme, please contact / 01509 227751.