Charlotte Lawson
Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson: Level 2 coach, Outwood Grange Back to Netball sessions

  • No. of hours Delivered per week: 1
  • No. of weeks delivered for: 8 initially
10 new participants were retained in the Sportivate target group, with the session attracting more than 20 participants most weeks. This session is now being sustained as an ongoing Back to Netball session.

Thanks to the scheme I was able to complete my level two certificate in netball coaching. I did have previous experience of coaching football at a basic level (level one coaching certificate) but I had not actively coached for a number of years. Completing the qualification has allowed me to coach at least once a week and has increased my understanding of a sport that I love to play.

Whilst I would love to make a career out of coaching it is unlikely. I do work full time in a very different sector, so at the moment I am enjoying coaching recreationally. I love leading the back to netball sessions but have also started coaching at a ‘next steps’ session which allows me to stretch my skills and coach the next level of competitor. I enjoy having this variety.

The This Girl Can campaign has been fantastic. I am a very active girl who does not have an athletic build and sport and exercise to me is all about getting involved, getting sweaty and staying motivated. I think it has really encouraged a lot of women to stay motivated and to realise that being active can be fun, it doesn’t have to be serious or painful!

I do think more people have been encouraged to try sport but I don’t think this is solely down to all female sessions. I also think it is due to the increased volume of sessions which has made participation more accessible. In saying that, I think the all female aspect of the sessions has encouraged more ladies to take part as it has nurtured a sense of camaraderie. In a nutshell I think a variety of factors have contributed to an increase in participation.

I have had a lot of feedback about how much people enjoy the sessions. I would like to extend the sessions to make them a little longer, or look to introduce new sessions in the same area on different nights/ Saturday mornings.

Case study provided by West Yorkshire Sport.